Details, Rules, and Content

It's the ultimate accolade for a custom mapper; to have your work in an official TF2 map. Well, and Valve Software have teamed up to give ONE lucky mapper that opportunity. We've got our hands on an unfinished Valve map, and we need YOU to detail it! Think you're up to the challenge?

The winner, decided by the TF2 team at Valve, will have their map included in a TF2 update! It's a 3 CP attack and defend map, similar to Gorge. You have total creative liberty with this, so we'd love to see what YOU can do!

Of course, a contest is not a contest without its rules! For a full list of the rules please visit the rules page, and you can ask any questions you have in the thread. Make sure, before you submit your contest entry by Saturday September 25th 2010 at 11:00am UTC, that you have read through all of the rules, and have got permission of any artists to use their work, etc. The last thing we'd want would be for you to win and not be allowed to put it in TF2. That's the thing with contests, it's all in the details*. Click here to download the VMF and BSP. (Mirror #1: Courtesy of Or join us in Chat

...and here is how it all began...